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1. "East Meets West"

2. "Dance of the Dakini"

3. "Eldorado"

4. "A Night to Remember"

5. "The Dreamers Waltz"

6. "Wanna Hula"

7. "While Away"

8. "Moon Over Xanadu"

9. "Road to Shamballa"

10. "The Long Goodbye


Soft rhythms of liquid mystical motion blending chinese and electro-acoustic harps with exotic percussion, flutes, electric and acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin and irish penny whistle. Artfully layered with lush keyboard textures and blended with Soothing and sensual voices of Native American, Hawaiian and Tibetian descent that carry you off to a blissful escape...



Musically, this disc is flawless.  Peter’s painstaking sound design gives each element its proper voice; each contributor is at his/her peak.  While the unusual mix of instruments is amazing, “The Long Goodbye,” the final track, is the highlight.  That piece features Peter on harp and keyboards. It is a superb love song – romantic, poignant, atmospheric, sensuous and sexy.  There is none better.

This CD is absolutely essential at many levels.  Peter is at the top of his craft RIGHT NOW!  Put down the magazine, hop on the web, make a few clicks and get this disc – NOW!

~  Jim Brenholts, Awareness Magazine

This is a very personal album; a series of fresh pieces, full of feeling, in some occasions introspective, and in some others much more cheerful. In this work, the harp has a remarkable role, and it is perhaps here where Peter's skills are most outstanding. The artist also uses numerous instruments. And he has surrounded himself with a team of splendid musicians, as for example William Aura, Richard Hardy, Robin Miller, Elizabeth Ursic, and Fitz-Hugh Jenkins, among others.

~ Virginia Tomayo

A firm but gentle set from someone that spends his time in Sedona and crafts an audio vista that lives up to the set's title well. A gentle stress buster of a harp fronted set that gives you the freedom to float through the realm of senses of your choice. Tasty, involving work that invites you to sail away for a spell and come back often. It's especially nice to get a warm and welcome moment away from electronics and delve into some hand made, acoustic sounds that are delivered by a player that really knows how to connect. Top shelf.

~ Chris Spector, Editor & Publisher, Midwest Record Recap


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